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Night Two with Rob Larkin

On a more mellow Monday night, the vibes were still fantastic with the people who were in attendance to see Rob Larkin and I take the stage for my second night of the Residency. I have to say, I feel pretty lucky to play with such great Portland talent. Rob's skill on guitar and his song arrangements were really impressive. Like a folky version of John Mayer (the good parts), he flawlessly played old songs, a few covers and tunes from his new record, Lights are Burning, to perfection. The highlights of the night for me, musically, were when we collaborated on a couple cover tunes, "You Wreck Me," by Tom Petty and "High and Dry" by Radiohead.

While I was playing Existentialism from start to finish, there was a single woman in the room who commented on how she was going through a rough time, and how perfect the songs and the moment were for her. I remember thinking, before she spoke, how the crowd was sparse compared to the previous night, but how you can never compromise a performance because as a musician, we play to reach people, no matter if it's a single soul in the crowd or hundreds of faces. And in giving it my all, it made her night (she had said). That was the real highlight of the show. 

I'm looking forward to seeing my old high school pal, Sheri Peterson, tonight as we play a bunch of covers and original sing alongs. It should be fun and light hearted.