Night Seven with Annie Sea- The Final Night

I have to say, it was bittersweet to end my Residency at Al's Den, but I really couldn't have imagined a better time. The musician's got to play with, the people that I met and my town around town all exceeded expectations. 

The final night was great. I opened with a set of my own while Shaun David followed with another great solo set. Annie Sea, a local Portland musician known for her diverse musical projects, played a set to a packed room, half of which had seen Annie's magic and were there for her. Annie played a Ukulele through a sampler, playing guitar like riffs while sampling and harmonizing her own vocals. Her songs had a sort of purity to them, and her vocals and lyrics were really captivating. A self proclaimed "nerd" and a teacher of science, she sang songs about distant universes and other scientific topics and really honed her craft, blending elements of R&B and Folk.

Shaun and I finished out the night with a strong set of songs, weaving in new songs with old songs and covers. We played really well, and though it was my last show of the residency, I feel like we were just hitting our stride. Afterwards, we hung out for the comedy show and had some laughs, and drank whiskey til the bar closed. A great way to end my residency, an experience I'll never forget.  

Anthony Presti