Night Six with Ronnie Carrier and Shaun David

Holy crap. I made it to day six. I gotta say it's starting to feel like I've been here a week. My fingers are cut and sore. My lungs are tired and my throat is a bit gruff. I suppose this experience is relatable to touring, but I haven't played this many consecutive shows in a while. Tonight is the final night and it's bittersweet. I'm really excited to have a day off in Portland on Sunday, but I'm not quite ready to go back to normal life. Either way I've been extremely inspired to write new music and can't wait to get back together with my band.

All the shows have been great, and last night was no exception. The crowd was lively and responsive right off the bat as I opened the show with a few songs. Shaun David, my guitarist and singer/songwriter in his own right, played a solo set and killed it, and then Ronnie Carrier took the stage for an hour. She's a cool songwriter. Her style of dark dreamy pop rock is perfect for Portland and she's definitely perfected her sound. 

I'd say the highlight of the night for me was playing with Shaun again. We had good energy right out the gate and rocked through a set filled with songs from Existentialism. It was so nice to hear those electric leads that just really bring some of my songs to life, especially "Sweat it Out." I love playing solo too, it gives me a sort of freedom to change the feel of the song if I want, but it was nice to have a companion sharing the stage with me. 

Tonight Shaun David will play another solo set, followed by Annie Sea. It's her birthday show so it's bound to get rowdy. I'm really excited to go out with a bang!

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