Night Four with Hayley Lynn

The Wednesday crowd started off strong. I knew from the moment I took the stage it was going to be a special night, although I was a bit sleep deprived the crowd was lively and receptive, and helped me gather the energy I needed to make it through the night. 

This show was a sort of anniversary or reunion for me. Last time I played in Portland was a year ago at the White Eagle Tavern with Hayley Lynn to support the release of Existentialism. It was pretty cool to come full circle. I knew Hayley was good, but holy moly, she was great last night. 

The highlight of the night was Hayley Lynn. Her command of the crowd and the room was undeniable. She has something special, and to see her growth within a year was really evident that she's been working hard on her craft. One of the great parts about this Residency is the talent I get to witness. I feel like this is a reoccurring theme in my blogs, but I really do feel lucky and honored to be sharing the stage with such talented people. Sometimes it's hard to get back up there after their sets! All in all, this has been an extremely inspiring experience thus far.

Tonight I play with Amber Russell, who I'm excited to see. She plays a tap style guitar and is about embark on a tour. This should be another great night. 

Stage selfie with Hayley Lynn. I'm so weird. 

Stage selfie with Hayley Lynn. I'm so weird. 

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