Night Three with Sheri Peterson and Unexpected Shenanigans

I'm at Stumptown coffee drinking all the coffee. Last night was super fun, once again, and was also the first night I hit the town after playing. First off, I have to give huge props to Sheri Pie. She stepped in with confidence and played all the songs exceptionally well for having never practiced them with me. An old friend from high school, I wanted to give her an opportunity to sing some covers and originals with me and have a sort of lighthearted evening. It was pretty ballsy for both of us, but it exceeded my expectations and she relished the opportunity. It was also nice to have a companion on stage again for a set. I'm excited for show number four tonight with Haley Lynn. Two more solo shows until I'm joined by Shaun David on the guitar to end the week with me. 

A good buddy of mine from San Francisco showed up. He's been a pretty big supporter of mine since our days in the Bay Area, and it's become tradition to sort of hang out while I pass through Portland. After the show, he took me to his old place of employment, Little Bird Bistro, which was amazing. The bartender took exceptional care of us, drinking delicious whiskey and mezcal cocktails and eating amazing food, from beef carpaccio to baked bone marrow with squid, topping it off with a couple delicious salads. 

After that I got to check off a Portland staple: Sassy's. It was cool, and weird, but the girls were class acts, even to the gentleman who started barking like a dog. We just drank a couple Tecate's and went back to his pad drinking scotch to the wee hours of the morning. These are the kind of experiences that are priceless. Sincere friends and good conversation. It was much needed after a few days of being solo. 

I also got some cool sketches of myself from the crowd. I'm starting to acquire a pretty decent sketch collection. It's nice to know I'm sketchable.

Anthony Presti