Indie alt-rock singer/songwriter Anthony Presti grew up in Seattle during the 1990’s where an explosive alternative and grunge rock scene was thriving. He moved continuously between suburbs until his teenage years, when he moved to the more rural setting of Sonoma County. Presti didn’t abandon his grunge roots as he joined a band, playing Nirvana covers until they started writing original material. After several tours and albums the band dismembered and Presti discovered his affinity for acoustic guitar.

His identity shifted as he buried himself in legends like Neil Young, Roy Orbison, the Beatles and the Band, and following suite of contemporary artists like Blind Pilot and The Avett Brothers. Eventually moving to San Francisco, a city full of diversity, Presti has emulated a sound indicative of the city he lives, a combination he describes as indie-folk-pop-rock. Presti is not only influenced by music, but his past, his surroundings and his travels, as he’s backpacked Europe and Asia, adventures that have greatly shaped his life.

His latest record, Existentialism, was recorded with a cast of impressive musicians including Shaun David (The Lost) on guitars, Burt Lewis (Stu Allen) on bass, Jason Slota (Thao and the Getdown Staydown) on drums, Leah Van Dyke (Brothers of Siren) on vocals and Rob Shelton (Meerna) on keys. His strongest effort to date, the songs are still unpredictable, swaying through genres while still conveying his unique musical sensibilities. The opening track, Next of Kin, resembles the stylings of Johnny Cash, Dreamland evokes images of the 1950’s and Roy Orbison, Sweat it Out is a powerful ballad that shows no fear of emotional vulnerability, One Step Closer features Presti and Van Dyke trading versus like a new age Fleetwood Mac while Reach for the Stars is a catchy new age folk laden tune.

Anthony Presti has played shows solo, as a duo, trio and with his band, The Tusslers, including the Fillmore Poster Room, Lagunitas Brewery, The Phoenix Theater, Napa City Winery, The Abbey at HopMonk Sebastopol, Brick and Mortar, Doc’s Lab and has shared the stage with Gretchen Peters, Little Tybee, The Bad Jones, The Deer, Tom Corbett, Elliott Peck...


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“Presti guides us just to the left of the typical singer-songwriter and brings us to his unique voice. He's never flashy; it's just what he does. The unexpected lyrical turns and musical choices are so subtle that if you blink, you might miss it on the first time around.”- Adobe and Teardrops

“One definitely feels as well as hears Presti’s sense of renewal on Clarity in Hindsight. The songs are in that upbeat vein of acoustic pop likened to Mumford and Sons and City and Colour.”- The Even Ground

“Anthony Presti’s latest album Existentialism is dripping with personal touches and pulls from several veins of music...the lyrics across the album are truly excellent.”- Divide and Conquer


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